Gluten-Free Restaurants Cards

Free GF Restaurant Cards

Celiac Travel
This site provides GF restaurant cards in 38 languages.

Food Allergy Buddy allows you to make a personalized restaurant card.

Gluten Free Passports
This site translates several helpful sentences into each of several different languages. They also give other helpful traveling tips.

"My favorites (travel dining cards) are available at Click on Travel, then Translations to find excellent translations into Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. These excellent GF dining cards are available from the authors of LET'S EAT OUT. I recommend printing out several in color and then laminate them." Janet Rinehart, former president of CSA/USA (and an experienced traveler) to Celiac Listserv 5/10

GF Restaurant Cards for Purchase

Achoo Allergy Restaurant Cards

Allergy Translation
"We specialize in food allergy translation cards that can be used when dining in countries of another language." They cover 175 food allergies and 11 special diets including gluten-free. Each card is $8 and allows you to print them at home for unlimited copies.

Select Wisely
SelectWisely . . . for worry-free international dining
This company sells allergy-specific restaurant cards. Each card provides the translation in two languages from a choice of seventeen languages. In 4/08 each card was $8.50.

Truimph Dining Cards
These laminated cards are custom written for each of ten different ethnic cuisines, specifying unique and hidden gluten sources. They are in English on one side, the corresponding cuisine's language on the other. Each set of 10 cards is $18.95 as of 4/08.

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