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As written by Melanie Katz, owner, 3/06

SillyYaks is an online support group for Celiacs, their friends, and families. The only requirement is a positive attitude toward a gluten-free lifestyle. This group has over 1,500 members across the US and from around the world. It was formed by Melonie Katz (mom of a Celiac toddler) on February 12, 2003. Initially, this site was created as a means of sharing gluten free restaurant information that I researched & collected, and it seemed to be a hot commodity. As of February 2006, the site has over 230 restaurant menus and suggested gluten-free menu selections. Each entry has the date the info was collected, and as much information as possible. (keep in mind, the moment any information is printed, as with any print media, it is technically out of date and use is at your own discretion). Members automatically receive monthly updates of newly added restaurant information.

The site has grown quite a bit, and now includes a wealth of other gluten-free lifestyle information. There are links to other useful sites, many useful files (recipes, lists of grocery products, tips on gf travel, articles, and more). The most beneficial asset to this group are the members themselves and the information and support they provide. The message board keeps members connected by sharing posts/messages. If you'd like to join this group, you need to send an email to: SillyYaks-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or go to the website directly at: health.groups.yahoo.com/group/sillyyaks/ and click on the "Join This Group" button. (again, you'll need a Yahoo! ID and password to join).

SillyYaks site is owned and moderated by one person and shares NO affiliation with any other site sharing similiar names or formats. Information posted on the site always states its source and gives credit to any person(s) or companies that provide useful information. The goal is to provide accurate, informative information in an upbeat manner and to share open communication among the members. The site is simply a dedication to my daughter and to the other Celiac children who inspire me every day to be thankful that a gluten-free diet is a wonderful prescription for a healthy life.

Since SillyYaks was formed in February 2003, Melonie has worked with many companies to offer special discounts to our active members. Currently, these are the discounts/promotions that are available to SillyYaks members:

I am happy report that SillyYaks members can receive a 10% DISCOUNT by shopping at www.GlutenSolutions.com. Just enter coupon code SILLY during the checkout process to receive your discount. (thanks to Bryan VanNoy, owner of GlutenSolutions for making this discount possible).

I am happy to report that SillyYaks members can receive a 10% DISCOUNT by shopping at www.AllergyGrocer.com. Just enter the coupon code SILLY during the checkout to receive your discount. (thanks to Jay Berger of Miss Roben's for making this discount possible). Yes, the 10% SILLY discount offer is ongoing and available for each order placed. If a product is on sale or discounted it will not affect the customer's ability to receive their SILLY discount in addition as well as their freebie products (these would be determined based on the subtotal before shipping but after the 10% discount). The only time the discount would not be available that I can think of is if a concurrent offer is being used (like when we offer free shipping, or 10% off specials, or something similar). Then the customer needs to decide which they would prefer, the special or the discount. Hope this helps! Let us know how your order goes. And remember we offer a credit or refund you even if you just don't like something or mess up a mix even months later (we are probably the only company that does this).

The president of the Gluten-Free Savonnerie, Inc., Mark R. Muir has also extended support for our SillyYaks site. His company is known as "the premier source for gluten-free soaps." Please enter the discount code "SILLY" during checkout. Mark will be posting ongoing specials for our members each month. You can visit their site at www.gfsoap.com/ for further information.

I've gotten quite a few inquiries from SillyYaks members wanting to know if they could somehow "pay" me for my efforts on the SillyYaks restaurant guide. At this point, I make the restaurant guide available to all SillyYaks members at no charge. I keep it posted in pdf format on the website and all members should get automatic monthly updates.

However, if you would like to help SillyYaks, you can place an order for your gluten-free necessities through the Gluten Free Pantry by clicking on this link. http://www.glutenfree.com/online-store.cfm?&Affiliate_ID=25
(You can also find this link on the SillyYaks homepage). Orders placed by way of this link will have 5% of your sale set aside in the name of SillyYaks.

Do I pay more to order through the GlutenFreePantry link?
NO. You still pay the same amount for your order regardless if you go directly to their website directly, call them directly to order, order via mail, or if you go through our link.

What percentage of my order will be used toward this reward program?
5% of your order

How do I order through GlutenFreePantry and make sure that SillYaks will receive credit?
Go to the SillyYaks homepage and click on the link to the Gluten Free Pantry.

Does SillyYaks have access to my credit card information?
Absolutely not. Your order is processed directly through Gluten Free Pantry, which is a secure site.

Where will the money from this program go?
Melonie will direct it to celiac related groups at the end of the year (once applicable taxes are taken care of).

How do I know the status of how much SillyYaks has raised?
Melonie makes occasional message posts regarding the amounts that have been raised to date. You can always email Melonie if you're curious to know how much has been raised at a particular time.

Hi! I would love to offer the Silly Yaks group a 10% discount on my gluten free product site www.thewellnessboutique.com! Discount code = SILLY.I will also honor the discount in Atlanta in our store to all ROCK members. Just mention that you are a ROCK member!
Thank you,
Allison Martiny
The Wellness Boutique
3719 Old Alabama Rd Alpharetta, GA 30022

SillyYaks member, Alison St. Sure has an online market called Sure Foods Market which offers gluten-free & allergen-free products. It's called Sure Foods Market, www.surefoodsmarket.com. All SillyYaks members can receive a 10% discount by entering the code SILLY at checkout.
I would really appreciate any feedback (positive or constructive!) you
have via email to alison@surefoodsmarket.com (or to my SillyYaks email
is ok too).
I hope you enjoy!

Hello Silly Yaks! 10% discount for SillyYaks members at The Silly Yak Shirt Company (www.silly-yak.com). Simply enter code "silly" at checkout and 10% will be deducted from your order. The Silly Yak Shirt Company is now in its 5th year and offers grown-up and kids sizes in a variety of colorful, clever, awareness-raising shirts. We also offer environmentally friendly tote bags and sporty baseball hats. Plus, more links than you can shake a gluten free breadstick at! Thanks so much for your help and for this awesome site and service. And your group name is pretty good, too!
Peter Marino

Melonie Katz
~Leader for R.O.C.K. (Raising Our Celiac Kids) Northern Virginia/Metro DC Chapter
~Owner of SillyYaks online support group (www.groups.yahoo.com/group/SillyYaks)
~Visit the Silly Yak store at www.cafepress.com/SillyYaks
~Coming soon: www.SillyYak.com, www.SillyYaks.com
~SillyYak silicone bracelets available by sending an email to: OneSillyYak@yahoo.com

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