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The goal of Gluten Free in SD is to provide useful and accurate information about living gluten free in San Diego. Also included are resources that provide additional information about celiac disease and gluten-free diets. Comments, suggestions, and recommendations are encouraged to keep this website up-to-date and as useful as possible. Please use the Contact Us section of the website – all input will be greatly appreciated.

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What's New

The following are some of the events that will occur or news items that have been reported within the last month (dates indicate when the information was added). The most recently posted are in red type.

Local Events

Local Events  

  • CSA annual picnic: July 26, 12 - 3 in Village Park, Encinitas. CSA will provide the main course, and the rest will be a potluck. Kelli Grey-Meisner, RD, will be present to answer your nutritional/dietitic questions. All welcome. New families will be asked to pay $7.50 for the picnic, which will also include membership for the remainder of the year. More info to follow. San Diego CSA Chapter #57

Note: For additional research study summaries and articles, see the Celiac Disease Foundation website under Research News, and the Research section on the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University website.

  • Celiac Disease Facts: The Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF) published in their last newsletter that "the prevalence of celiac disease is doubling every 15 years in the population, but it is not clear why." The also stated the fastest growing age group diagnosed with celiac disease is females aged 40+. Also, the percentage of those suffering from celiac disease symptoms who are accurately diagnosed remains one in six. 6/9

  • Gluten-Free Educational Retreats: Expert celiac dietitian, Melinda Dennis, MS, RD, LDN, is hosting two upcoming retreats titled "Maximizing Health and Wellness on the Gluten-Free Diet". Melinda was the headline speaker at the recent gluten-free educational event put on by the San Diego CSA Chapter. The first retreat takes place in Intervale, New Hampshire October 23-25, 2015. The second one takes place in Santa Barbara, CA January 29-31, 2016. More Info

  • GF exchange student needs home: Guillermo, a 16-year-old boy from Spain, hopes to come to study in the US for the 2015-2016 school year. Guillermo's profile. If you are potentially interested in hosting him, you are requested to fill out an inquiry at http://services.aspectfoundation.org/hf/index.php/hf_inquiry Once a family has been screened, they can view Guillermo's full application along with his pictures and a letter from his parents. The Aspect Foundation, the organizer, has been promoting cross-cultural engagement through study abroad for 30 years. Questions may be directed to Katja Fleck, International Outreach Coordinator for the Aspect Foundation at katja.fleck@aspectfoundation.org. 6/22

  • New gluten-free app: The Celiac Disease Foundation has just come out with a new app CDF Gluten-Free Marketplace App. They say it "connects you to products and services from companies that care about the gluten-free and allergy-free community". 6/26

Cooking (also see "Resources - Cooking" and "SD Resources - Food")

  • New Cookbook: The Gluten-Free Cheat Sheet: Go G-Free in 30 Days or Less by April Peveteaux will be released in July. It includes 100 recipes, as well as a "gluten-free consumer's guide to survival". April is also the author of Gluten is My Bitch. 6/18

Restaurant/Bakery Updates (also see SD Restaurants by Area, Alphabetized List of SD Restaurants, and SD Resources - Food)

  • Bushfire Kitchen: Carlsbad. "This restaurant in the new La Costa Town Square shopping center marks their menu items that are gluten free. The French fries and sweet potato fries are cooked in a dedicated fryer, and are gluten free. They say even the teriyaki sauce is gluten free - but I'd double check on that. This is a casual, order-at-the-counter restaurant, with a good variety of items to choose from. I had the chicken/vegetable bowl for $8, which I thought was delicious. They serve wine and beer on tap. " Roxie 6/29 http://bushfirekitchen.com/la-costa-town/

  • Vote for 2Good2B bakery/cafe: Encinitas. This dedicated gluten-free bakery/cafe is a finalist in the Union Tribune's Readers Poll of San Diego's Best. According to the preliminary poll results, 2Good2B has been recognized as one of the top contenders in both the Bakery and Dessert categories (gluten-free and non-gluten-free alike). 2Good2B also ships throughout the U.S. Please cast your vote at http://www.utsandiego.com/bestof/ Click on "Food and Restaurants, then scroll down to each category of Bakery and Dessert. Voting continues until June 29th, and you are even allowed to vote once each day!. 6/22 2Good2B

  • Duck Foot Brewery: Mira Mesa. This brewing company makes only gluten-free beer. Co-founder Matt DelVecchio was diagnosed with celiac disease, which made him determined to produce a great tasting gluten-free beer. See article in Spring 2015 San Diego Magazine. They have a tasting room at the brewery. http://duckfootbeer.com/ 6/22

  • Denny's: Del Cerro?. "Recently they have added or marked their menu for gluten-free items and suggested modifications to the menu items. A new item that is great for breakfast or any time is the gluten-free muffin." Lee C. Note: This is a franchised Denny's on Kearney Villa Rd, so the information only applies to this location. http://locations.dennys.com/CA/SAN-DIEGO/247895 6/28

Shopping Updates (also see "Product Updates" and "SD Food Stores")

  • New GF General Mills products: This summer five of the Nature Valley Nut Bars sublines will be labeled gluten-free. The company has also developed a new, gluten-free line called the Simple Nut Bar. 6/27 www.blog.generalmills.com/2015/04/nature-valley-unveils-gluten-free-snack-bars/

  • GF Rice Krispies is discontinued: Julie Roberts posted "Please call Kellogg's to ask to bring them back. I just did (it takes 5 mins). They said they are hearing from a lot of people in the GF community and may reconsider if they hear from a lot of people. Sounds like the demand was not enough for them to continue making them" Gluten Free Rice Krispies is Discontinued 6/29

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